Inasa-no Hama (Inasa Beach) 稲佐の浜

This beach is a great place of legends and history. It is a beautiful beach, west and only 1km from Izumo Taisha.

Inasa Beach is located 1 kilometer west of Izumo Taisha. It is the setting for one of the ancient legends of the area: The White Rabbit of Inasa. During the summer time, people come to swim and the beach becomes a very lively place.
The place is well-known for its magnificent sunsets, attracting groups of friends and couples to gather here and spend time together.

In October of the lunar calendar, deities from all over Japan gather in Izumo and are welcomed here on this beach. This only happens in Izumo.

~Shio kumi 潮汲み~Every month, on the morning of the first day, local people go to Inasa Beach to take water from ocean using a special ladle made with bamboo and visit the shrines on the way to Izumo Taisha. It is a special tradition in the Izumo Taisha area, and anyone is welcome to participate.

Walk on 神迎えの道(Welcomeing Deity Street), you will find the ladle decorated on the wall of the houses with flowers.


Address Inasa Kizukio Taisha-cho, Izumo-shi, Shimane-ken
How to get here From JR Izumoshi
*by bus (Appr. 40 min)
Take bus bound for Hinomisaki Todai (Lighthouse). Get off at Inasa-no-Hama 稲佐の浜(Inasa Beach).

From Izumo Taisha
*by car (3min)
*by foot (12min)