Izumo, Japan 8K HDR - 出雲

Sunset in the Sacred Land of Izumo.

Izumo, Japan 4K (Ultra HD) - 出雲

This is a promotion video featuring Izumo, a city designated as a Japan Heritage Site for its cultural significance and natural beauty. Experience the abundant nature, breathtaking sunsets that have been celebrated throughout history, and traditional crafts passed down from generation to generation.

Directed by Yuki Eikawa

Izumo Ooyashiro / Izumo Taisha ( Izumo Grand Shrine) 出雲大社

Welcome myriads of Deities from all over Japan. It takes place during October of the lunar calendar.

Izumo Taisha, Inasa-no-hama Beach, Kamimukae Shinji: ritual to welcome myriads of deity from Inasa Beach and then to Izumo Taisha Kaguraden, a hall.

Shinmon Dori (Downtown Taisha area)