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Where are free wifi spots?

Shinmondori Tourist Station, Kicchokan, Izumo Airport,

Some countries, renting at your home country may cost less so check around before you visit Izumo! 

Is there a guide in English and other languages?

①Good will English Guide, GoEn is an organization that provides an English Guide.  

Please send an e-mail to
Goodwill English Guide in Izumo GoEn at izumogoen@gmail.com

It is a group of volunteers that give an English tour free of charge to individuals. A charge may apply to organization or companies. 

Please fill out this form as well for a reservation.  Reservations need to be made one week in advance! 


②Shimane Interpreter Guide Association
Please see our home page (Link) for the details.  Available Languages:  English, Chinese and Korean

Where can I buy a SIM card?

SIM cards are available by Internet and some shops in Japan, they are not found in Izumo. We highly recommend ordering a prepaid SIM card before you come to Japan. There are convenient  services that offer the possibility of picking up a SIM card when arriving at the airport.  There are few different SIM cards available in the Airport as well usually on arrival floor. 

Can I use a JR Rail Pass?

There is sleeper train named "Sunrise Izumo" from Tokyo to Izumo. The JR Rail Pass is available for use. It is only possible to book this train a month in advance at "JR Midorino Madoguchi" where the tickets are sold. 

The JR Rail Pass is also valid to use for JR bus between Hiroshima and Izumo.

Where are the beautiful places to see the sunset?

Hinomisaki, Inasano hama, and Kirara beach are the top three places. However, Izumo is facing the Sea of Japan, so you are always facing the coast. There are many hidden spots for you to explore!
You may even find dolphin swimming!! 

Where are coin lockers or luggage service?

Lockers are available in the JR Izumoshi station and Shimane Museum of Ancient Izumo, ETC.

Where to exchange money to Japanese Yen?

You can exchange money at Sanin Godo Bank Izumo Branchhl=jaDispense Japanese Yen. *Japan Post Bank Yucho:  to find nearest ATM search“ 郵貯ATM”
*Seven Bank at SevenEleven

A. Where can I rent a bike?
B. Can I rent it over night?

1: JR Izumoshi Station
2: Ichibata Railway Unshu Hirata Station
3: Susano Hall (Near Izumo City Office Susa Branch)
4: Ichibata Railway Izumo Taisha Mae Stataion
5: Old Taisha Station
6: Shimane Museum of Ancient Izumo
7: Kankou Center Izumo

You can pay for 2 days in advance to use it for 2 days.

*Most of the bikes are electric bikes

Have a safe and enjoyable ride around Izumo. 

Can I bring the bikes on trains and buses?

Yes, but only onto Ichibata Railways with an extra fee of ¥310

Is there any transportation discount?

JAL one flight to Izumo per person is 10800 Yen
JR Railpass  All over Japan 
Willerexpress Bus discount for Tokyo to Izumo
Local Ichibata Railway 1 day pass http://www.ichibata.co.jp/railway/lang/en.html
Enmusubi Perfect Ticket :  3 day pass for Local Ichibata Trains and buses (except JR) .  ¥1,000 per tickets (Valid from May 1 2017 to March 31 2018 see detail here.  http://www.kankou-shimane.com/en/?p=6634
Valid for Ichibata Bus, Train, Airport Bus (except JR, Highway bus(Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Okayama,  Hiroshima, Tottori)   Please show passport at purchase. 
*Show your ticket to get discount in more than 30 Shops and Museums. 
**Useful HP to check the time table and fare for JR.  Check here

In the case of Emergency,or natural disaster, what should we do?

Please review Izumo City Emergency and other guidelines. 
We have services in English, Portugese, Korean and Chinese (Mandarin) in case of emergency (Ambulance). 

Is there any discounts or coupon services?

Show your passport or ID for admission discounts at listed places below! 
Shimane Museum of Ancient Izumo    600yen → 300yen
Tezen Museum    600yen → 300yen
Izumo Quilt Museum    700yen → 490yen
Kojindani Archeological Museum    205yen → 102yen
More discounts coming SOON!

How is the weather and temperature?

Can I use a drone for photographs or take a video recording?

We cannot use drones around Izumo Taisha Grand Shrine and other areas permission is required.

Please see regulations and law here at this site.