Kitajima Kokusokan 北島国造館

Located east of Izumo Grand Shrine(Izumo Taisha).It is possible to find tranquility.


Located east of Izumo Oyashiro (Izumo Taisha). Located in the Sha-ke Street, it serves as another place for the deity of Izumo Taisha to reside. Anyone is welcome to visit, and the atmosphere is completely different from that of the Izumo Oyashiro. It is serene and not very crowded, so visitors will feel at peace while they pray and walk around the shrine grounds. 

The grounds are home to a splendid garden that visitors can enjoy in tranquility. There are nice spots like the Shikyaku Mon (gate) "most ancient" architect in the area and Kameo (Tale of Turtle) waterfall, along with several ambiance shrines: Go Sansha (the three shrines) Ameno-Hohino-Mikoto Yashiro, Kōjin-sha, Inari-Yashiro, and Tenshinsha.
Guests can also request to hold ceremonies of worship or weddings. Most of the weekends there will be wedding ceremonies held so there is a chance to see Japanese Style of wedding.


Address 194 Kitsukihigashi, Taisha-cho, Izumo-shi, Shimane-ken 699-0701
Phone Number 0853-53-2525
Closed No closing days
HP http://www.izumokyou.or.jp/