Kyu Taisha Eki 旧大社駅

The original gate way to Izumo Taisha, is the old Taisha station. You Visit the beauty of the early Japanese rail station.

Last locomotive running in 1974.

This train station sits at the very end of the former JR Taisha line. The track operated from 1912 until 1990, and was a gateway to the Izumo Taisha worship path.
The train track and other stations no longer exist, and only Taisha station is preserved as a museum. Alongside Tokyo Station and Mojiko Station, the Former Taisha Station has been designated as a historically important national asset.

Find so many turtle decoration on the roof. There are quite few and all are different shapes.

The station was designed using traditional Japanese wooden architecture, with black tile and plaster whitewall. Windows are positioned high to bring light into the room, and Japanese style chandelier hangs from the ceiling.
When comparing it to the modernized station currently operating in Japan, it is almost difficult to believe that the Old Taisha Station was once a classy and bustling place during its time. A ticket counter, waiting room for first and second class passengers, storage room for luggage, an office, and even a VIP room used by imperial messengers, are all well-preserved to this day.

Find chimney and hidden room for the guard. There is decorative window on right or left side.

Additionally, one platform, one island platform and three tracks are preserved. On the third track a steam locomotive is displayed to recreate the scenery of the time the station was built.


Address 441-3 Kitaaraki, Taisha-cho, Izumo-shi, Shimane-ken
Open 9:00-17:00
Closed Always Open
How to get here How to get here.

*By Bus JR Izumoshi
Get on the bus Bound for Izumo Taisha 出雲大社
①Get off at Kyu JR Taisha Eki 旧JR大社駅 
②Get off at ”Shopping Town Elle ショッピングタウンエル” 

*By Ichibata Electric Way
Get on at Dentetsu Izumoshi 電鉄出雲市駅 
Transfer at Kawato 川跡 and then you arrive at Izumo Taisha Mae.
And walk toward south (you will see white gate (Torii) and cross the light and in 13 min, you are there.