Ichibata Electric Railway 一畑電車

Ichibata Trains first ran in 1914 under the name, “Ichibata Keiben Railway.”

This local train connects the Izumo Taisha and Matsue Castle areas to Izumoshi Station. You can bring your bike on the train for an extra fee.
In 2010, a film called “RAILWAYS” was released. It tells the story of a man who became a train driver at 49 years old. The movie was filmed at various Ichibata Railway stations: Inonada Station, Unshu Hirata Station, Ichibata Guchi Station and Izumo Taisha Mae Station. A non-operating model of the Dehani 50 train is displayed at Izumo Taisha Mae Station, and visitors are free to enter the train.
Visitors in our region can partake in a hands-on experience and drive a real Ichibata train over a 120m distance, with lectures on how to operate the vehicle.

There are hands on experience to actually drive 120m distance with Ichibata Train twice with lecture on how to operate etc.


Address 2226 Hirata-cho, Izumo-shi, Shimane-ken 691-0011
Phone Number 0852-62-3383
Open 9:00 to 17:00
HP http://www.ichibata.co.jp/railway/lang/en.html
How to get here *By Car
30 min from Yanyin Shinji IC via R431

*By Local train from Izumoshi eki (30min) + Bus (10min) + Walk (10 min)
Izumoshi - Ichibata-guchi (Ichibata Electric Railway)
Ichibata-guchi - Ichibata Yakushi Temple (Bus)