Tachikue-kyo (Gorge) 立久恵峡

The Best spot for an hour long hike during all seasons. A hiker will be able to find little status of Jizo in the forest. You will also be able to see large rocks standing.

This is the best spot for an hour of hiking during any season. Keep an eye out for little Jizo-statues and large rocks standing in the forest.
Tachikue Gorge is about 100~ 200 meters (110 yards) deep, and a beautiful river called Kandogawa runs through it for about 2 kilometers (1.2 miles).

Visitors can enjoy the stroll through the gorge and the view from the suspended bridge over Kandogawa river.
After some light trekking, visitors can take a dip in the Tachikue Hot Springs, where they can see the gorge from the bath.


Address 5263−14 Ottachi-cho, Izumo-shi, Shimane-ken 693-0216
How to get here From Sanyin Shinji IC, take R184
*By car (Appr. 30 min)

From Izumoshieki(JR Stataion)
*By local bus (Appr. 40 min)
Take local bus bound for Susa 須佐
Get off at Tachikue Kyo (Gorge)立久恵狭.