Shussai Gama (Pottery) 出西窯

This is a unique place where you can see all the processes of pottery making.

It's a place where we cannot skip this pottery to talk about Japanese Folk Crafts.
Beautiful indigo blue and all other tableware will make your meal so special.

Blue tableware is loved

Rare occasion of visiting pottery studio.


Address 3368 Shussai, Hikawa-cho, Izumo-shi, Shimane-ken 699-0612
Phone Number 0853-72-0239
Open 9:30 to 18:00
Closed Every Tuesday
HP http://www.shussai.jp/
How to get here ■From JR by Taxi
About 10 min (6km) from JR Izumoshi

■From Izumo Airport by Taxi
About 20 min (About 11km) by Taxi

■By Car
From Sanin Hikawa IC (Appr. 7min 5km)
Go down the Hikawa IC and make left at first light and keep on going straight.

From R9, go south at Kandachi Higashi Intersection and 3 mins you arrive. (about 2km)