Usagi 鵜鷺

Usagi area is a small harbor village. It`s flourished in the past with ship business through Osaka and other parts on Japan.

The tunnel was digged by village people in 1935.

Usagi cannot be found on a map. It is a combined nickname for the towns of Udo and Sagiura.
Located to the north of Izumo Taisha, it is a small fishing village on the opposite side of the mountain, and it used to be a thriving port as well. Merchant boats called Kitamae Bune and Osaka Shosen accessed the port regularly and prospered with Udo and Sagiura’s copper and gypsum supplies.

Usagi is an area where visitors can feel at ease while enjoying the view of the town and lives of the people here.
There are some old houses and streets remaining from the Edo Period, the time when the Kitamae Bune merchants regularly used the port. Dense clusters of homes and villages line the path leading from the bay all the way to the mountain. Enjoy the stroll of alleys in slow pace. Visitors can enjoy a leisurely stroll in the alleys, take part in a boat cruise, and try their hands at making salt here.
For accommodation, there are cottages and caravan camp sites at “Yumeno Mori Usagi” (夢の森うさぎ). Visitors can also rent a whole guest house or find lodging at an old and traditional house.

In old times people in Sagiura was making salt from ocean water and traded with rice. And here you can make your own salt and take it home with you.


Address Sagiura Taisha-cho, Izumo
How to get here By Bus from Izumo about 25 min

Take Bus from Izumo Taisha Bus Transfer Spot to Sagiura
7:29 (No bus on Sat. Sun, Holiday and De. 29& Jan 3)

By Car 20 min drive from Izumo Taisha to Hinomisaki Direction.