Hinomisaki Jinja (Shrine) 日御碕神社

There is a beautiful ocean-view drive way on the way to Hinomisaki Shrine.


Hinomisaki Shrine is beautifully colored with vermillion laquer, and features two main halls called “Kami-no-miya” and “Hi-Shizumi-no-miya.”
Hinomisaki Shrine is a 20-minute drive to the northeast from Izumo Taisha. It’s an ancient shrine, and it features two honden (main sanctuaries) inside. The honden facing the entrance is called Hi-shizumi-no-miya, and the deity enshrined is Amaterasu-Omikami.
The other honden on the upper hill is called Kami-no-miya and the deity Susano-no Mikoto is enshrined here.

Hi-shizumino-miya 日沈宮

Sun is setting to Hi-shizumino-miya and walking around Hinomisaki area around sunset is a gift from nature.


Address 455 Hinomisaki Taisha-cho, Izumo City Shimane Prefecture
Phone Number 0853-54-5261
How to get here By Car
From Sanin Road Izumo IC 18 Km (About 18km)

By Bus
From JR Izumoshi Station (45min)
From Izumo Taisha (20min)