Coolest place in Shimane & Izumo!



5C in the Yakumo Wind Cave.

Have you ever been to Wind Cave? Its very chilly inside of the building and out.

Well, summer hot days, visit here to chill out. The place is 40 min drive from Izumoshi Station in Sada area.

The creation of the area goes back to ancient time, when the area was ocean and the volcano erupted. Flowing lava made layers and became a mountain. And it took me some time to understand the 5C/41F.

The Groundwater chill the air between the layers of mountain and it flows. And the air is all over the mountain region so massive cool air comes to the Yakumo Wind spot.

In old time the mountain was called Cool Mountain "Seiryozan 清涼山”and there is a temple right next to it.

Throughout the year, the temperature stays the same so people used here as natural Fridge. And even now, Sake Makers keeps Sake here.

Yakumo Wind Cave 八雲風穴
Open Hour: 9:00ー17:00
Open: 1st Sat. in July
Closes:  2nd Sunday in September
Parking: Free
Cafe: There is small eat out shop. Wind Cafe Ramen and locally grown veggies etc.

Here is the address for search on maps.
1674-1 Asahara Sadacho
Izumo, Shimane 693-0501

Address in Japanese