Toyokawa Tezutsu(Hand held) Fire Works at Izumo Oyashiro とよかわ手筒花火出雲大社特別奉納


Japanese Traditional Firework. TEZUTSU HANABI

Oyashiro Jinja Shrine is offering Fireworks at Izumo Taisha!

More than 50 Tezutsu Hanabi Fireworks will be in the air.

Date: Sat. Oct. 14
Time: 18:00~
Admission: Free 
Place: Izumo Taisha Parking

This firework goes back to the history to Edo Period (16th Century). Tokugawa Iyeyasu's gun troopers learned how to make Fireworks in such way. This fireworks is known to be the earliest style of fireworks in Japan.

Please see the photo.

This is very rare occasion to see the fireworks in Izumo Taisha.

It's ALL hand made.
Over 4 years old Bamboo is used to make the fireworks
over 1800g to 3000g of gunpowder used in one fireworks
saltpeter, sulfur, Kiribai and black gunpowder are used