8 Reasons to fall in Love with Izumo! By Nico



Two Taiwanese friends come and visit Izumo and here is the reason why she fell in love.

8 Reasons to fall in Love in Izumo!

1. During the night to see Phosphorescent in the black velvet ocean, when I touched water and from the water drops glitter lights shines like magic.
PS: Unforgettable scene so which could not be photographed so what a pity.

2. Had great communication of heart even with language barrier.
PS: Google translation was very useful.

3. Infinite Sea coast, every beach has different beauty.
PS: The water was so clean that I wanted to drink.

4. Clean Air, unpolluted water, food taste like original flavor.
PS: Pick a fruit or vegetable and eat there or cook there and taste like the Original Flavor.

5. Even out of nowhere, the bathroom was cleaner than my bathroom at home.
PS:There are high tech bathroom everywhere called "washlet".

6. Kind and polite Izumo people will say “konnichiwa” to everyone they see.
PS:Visited Minshuku and so surprised to see a woman welcomed me

7. No locking the front door and even at night very safe.
PS: When taking off the shoes, the paired shoes in tidy so I need practice on that.

8. There are the Mountains Ocean, the Plain and Hot Springs. Natural Beauty and very simple.