Shimane Beef

There is so much good beef around Japan. If you are a beef lover have some and compare with beef you had before. We know that you will enjoy the beef, with fine wine of Shimane.

Shimane calves are sent to Kobe and sold as famous Kobe beef. Well you don't need to be in Kobe, but have tasty and tender beef in Izumo.

Enjoy the Shimane Wagyu 島根和牛 with your trip to Izumo!

Kizunaya 絆屋

Have Rice Burger and Oyaki !

Address 861-1 Kizuki Minami Taisha-cho Izumo Shimane
Open 10AM-4PM

Sanbe Burger 三瓶バーガー

Have a bite of a delicious Sanbe Burger with Shimane beef!

It is a casual dining venue placed near Izumo Taisha.
Sanbe Burger is made with all local food, so have a taste of Shimane here.

Address 772 Kizuki Minami, Taisha Izumo
Open 10AM to 5PM

Shimane Winery 島根ワイナリー

Have some taste of Shimane wine and eat Shimane beef in BBQ style. We have variety of wine and during the brewing season come and see the process in our facility.

Address 264-2 Hishine, Taisha cho, Izumo, Shimane
Open 9:30~17:00
Closed Alyways Open